Chez Brovi

If you don’t mind looking your dinner in the eye before he’s cooked, Chez Brovi is the place to come in Lomé for a big fresh, delicious braised fish.

The wait staff will wheel a cart of beautiful, fresh fish of different sizes and types (including bar, capitaine, dorade, and others) to your table for you to make your pick. Then you might as well settle in with a drink and some good company, because your fish will take a while to get ready. Do not come here if you’re in a hurry. The wait, however, is worth it for the simple, delicious result.

The night I was here, we arrived a bit late, so they had run out of some of the side dishes. However, normally they have at least several accompaniments on offer, such as frites, rice, aloko, sauteed potatoes, atcheke, couscous. If someone in your party is not of the fish-eating persuasion, other animals (chicken, meat) may be available, but it is best to ask when you arrive.

The decor here is nothing fancy – plastic tables, a paillote decorated with pictures of fish – but that’s not the point. At this place, the fish takes center stage in an atmosphere is friendly and laid-back.

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  1. Ken says:

    Big fish.


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