l’Hôtel St. Manick

This hotel is on a side street in the Nukafu neighborhood, just behind the UNHCR office. The l’Hôtel St. Manick website presents photos and video which overstate the grandeur of this mediocre establishment.

The decor of the rooms at St. Manick’s flagship location is drab and tired, with blankets and curtains having seen better days. Though the rooms look fine enough at first glance, the cleaning is not always up to standard. While staying here, I regretted reaching under the bed, where I found a thick layer of dust with a healthy herd of dust bunnies. AC worked well, but the WiFi signal was supremely unreliable — stronger in some rooms than in others, and completely disconnected on certain days. A flat screen television has about a dozen local and a few foreign channels, including France24 broadcasts and Trace Urban. Basic rooms have a table and chair and bathrooms with hot water.

The breakfast offered by the hotel’s restaurant is nothing special, especially for the price. However, for lunch and dinner they offer decent fare: chicken sandwiches, mediocre pizzas, salads, spaghetti bolognaise, couscous and rice. Of all the options, the fish is most reliably tasty. Get it with frites.

If arranged in advance, St. Manick says they can arrange airport transfers. However, in my experience, if your flight is coming or going early in the morning (as many international flights do), they may not actually show up.

A second, newer location in Agoe neighborhood is in slightly better shape than the one in Nukafu but is further from the airport with the same management and general level of service.

Rooms start from 31.000 FCFA per night, but rates can be negotiated. To make a booking, call: +228 22 21 56 55

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