le Phenicien

There’s lots going on inside what, at first glance, looks like an ordinary three-story office building next to EcoBank’s towering headquarters. Perhaps the neon purple lights should be your first hint that this place is out to impress.

Phenicien is, in turns, a bakery, an ice cream shop, a Lebanese fast food eatery, and a hookah bar/restaurant, depending on the day, hour, and appetite of your visit. Its multiple personalities have something to offer for practically every taste.

On the ground floor, Phenicien offers tasty, quick fast food with a Lebanese twist with the trappings (noise and smells) of a classic busy burger joint, complete with red booths. Burgers and sandwich platters come with very tasty and generous servings of fries. During busy hours, service could stand to ensure that attention cleanliness keeps up to speed with table turnover.

On the opposite side of the ground floor, Phenicien has standard bakery offerings – croissants (500F), pain au chocolat, as well as special pastries and occasion offerings (including birthday cakes).However, what steals the show downstairs is a case of over a dozen flavors of high quality gelato. This is the perfect stop to cool off on a hot afternoon, while returning from the beach. Try it. You won’t regret it. For those who prefer, there’s also a slushy machine.

Finally, ever the multi-tasker, Phenicien also has a rooftop Sky Bar which is open in the evenings. Patrons can look out at the ship lights from a breezy terrace while enjoying (expensive and syrup-centric) cocktails, smoking hookah, sharing a pizza, and listening to music – often live on Thursdays from 8:30PM and on special occasions.

This somewhat recent addition to the Lome scene sets itself apart by being open daily from 11:00AM until midnight, even on Sundays. Don’t forget the ice cream!

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