Hotel la Douceur

My second evening in Kara saw me with an appetite to explore what the town has to offer. Hôtel la Douceur came highly recommended so I decided to take a walk from my hotel which surprisingly does not seem to have a functional restaurant.

Google maps, contrary to what I have become accustomed to in Togo, got me there! The hotel is situated in the suburbs of Kara not too far from the route national and after navigating a maze of dirt streets, I found myself at my destination.


The hotel has 16 rooms ranging in price from 10,000FCFA for a petite chambre with a modest bathroom with no hot water to 35,000FCFA for the luxurious suite. All the rooms are clean with a comfortable looking bed and fluffy pillows (always an issue here for me)!

The restaurant is situated in a beautiful grass tharched structure with sides that open to a little garden with potted flowers and a relatively well stocked bar in one corner. It is really a beautiful setup, I know a few places in Lome that could borrow a leaf…or a branch!

I settled down to order and the waiter was very courteous and responsive. I had the fresh squeezed orange/pineapple juice (900FCFA). Their menu comprises of various beef, fish, chicken, guinea fowl dishes served with an assortment of sides. They also have a good selection of pizzas.

Having done an 8km run in the morning and skipped lunch, I thought a ‘big’ meal was what I needed, and the pork dishes caught my attention. I ordered a ‘Jarette de Pork’, even if I had no idea what a ‘Jarette’ was (waiter said it was something to do with a pig leg). This came with a side of fried plantain (950FCFA) and I should definitely have listened to the waiter when he said it was going to be HUGE! I only ordered the 5000FCFA but they have a 7,000 and 8,000FCFA option which I guess is reserved for marathon runners. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and had plenty left over to feed a whole family.


The only down side: for those used to creature comforts, the restaurant area is not air conditioned and the numerous fans only circulate hot air.

Otherwise, with the tasty food, polite and helpful staff and lovely ambiance, I definitely plan to return and maybe even spend a night.

Rating: 4/5 Highly recommended, bring a partner to share the food.

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