Hotel Parc Residence

DSC00021Kpalimé is a favorite long weekend destination, and the hidden garden Hotel Parc Residence is a favorite retreat for getting away from Lome for a few days.

Parc Residence offers a beautiful, quiet setting with a stunning garden surrounding a well-maintained swimming pool 4 kilometers outside of the center of Kpalimé town.

The hotel makes a great home base for embarking on guided or unguided excursions and hikes followed by a dip in the pool or nap in the large, clean rooms.

Garden view rooms run 32.000 fcfa per night while “belle vue” upper level rooms will set you back 35.000 fcfa. Extra mattresses are available (5.000 fcfa for kids, 12.000 fcfa for adults). Though with the surrounding beauty, you’re unlikely to spend much time in your room, you’ll find it equipped with a small sitting area, a TV, a mini fridge, hot water and air conditioning (though Kpalimé’s climate doesn’t often require AC). It seems the hotel is slowly expanding, adding rooms as time goes by, but currently offers about 8 spacious rooms.

The service is generally personable, willing to chat and give advice to those wishing to explore the area, but respectful of those who just want some quiet rest and privacy. I can’t comprehensively vouch for the food here, aside from the breakfast which is basic but tasty — omelettes, bread, coffee and tea are on offer. If you decide to eat at the hotel rather than some of the other establishments in Kpalimé, it’s best to inform the front desk well in advance and ensure that they have the needed ingredients to cook up what you have ordered.

A pro tip for budget visitors staying elsewhere in Kpalimé: the beautiful Parc Residence pool is open to visitors for a daily rate – 1.000 fcfa for kids, 2.000 fcfa for adults.


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