Onomo Hotel

Since opening in 2015, Onomo Hotel has rapidly become a fixture in Lomé. There are over 100 rooms in this busy hotel with locations across the region with increasing name recognition. This means that occasionally guests have complaints about inconsistent service or occasionally a rogue air conditioners in need of repair, but overall Onomo offers up a high standard of accommodation and decent restaurant fare.

The difference is apparent even before entering the hotel, when a very thorough security team scrutinizes vehicles at the gate upon entry from Boulevard du Mono. Occasionally, an overheated German Shepherd is added to the security team, especially when the hotel hosts high-level delegations or events.

The lobby is airy, open, and well-lit, and features attractive design features, including a wall decorated in Woodin fabrics and displaying exhibitions by local and regional artists which change every few months. Another nice (though somewhat hidden) lobby feature is a convenient EcoBank ATM which accepts VISA cards.

In a city plagued by poor internet connectivity, one of the biggest draws at Onomo for guests and non-guests alike is the stable and relatively fast WiFi connection. The lobby offers lots of comfortable chairs and tables which are convenient for holding impromptu meetings, which is useful for guests as well, since Onomo’s Standard rooms are quite…petit.

Though clean and equipped with a flat-screen TV, a safe, AC, and a balcony or veranda, Standard rooms (from about 75 Euros per night) can be quite cramped for those considering a longer stay or sharing with a roommate. There’s no wardrobe or dresser drawers. For rooms with a larger desk and working area, mini bar, and larger bathroom, you must upgrade to a more expensive Business Suite (over 100 Euros per night, variable by date and duration of stay). However, the situation can be manageable for business or other travelers who value connectivity over in-room space and make creative use of the lobby.

For visitors wanting to keep fit, a small gym on the first floor is open to guests as well as a pool, surrounded by the horseshoe shaped hotel for a bit of a fishbowl effect. For those who prefer the sights and sounds of the city, an early morning beach-side walk or run is just across the street, so long as you look out for your valuables.

The lobby is home to a restaurant which offers cuisine tending towards the creative rather than standard Togolese fare. Some dishes are more successful than others, making use of local ingredients in new ways, such as coconut milk with fish, guinea fowl, and poulet bicyclette. For those looking for something familiar, the kitchen serves up an adequate burger, fish and chips, or some tiny (relatively pricey) plates of appetizers. The bar has a wide offering of fancy cocktails and juices, the menu for which is futuristically presented on a tablet, as well as beers and wine. The hotel’s breakfast buffet gets good reviews from guests, and the freshly baked bread served with all meals is consistently very soft and tasty.

Onomo doesn’t offer room service, but has an airport shuttle available for free to guests. A few conference rooms of different sizes are available for hosting events.

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