Galerie Found in Africa


Whether you’re looking to furnish a new apartment or house or simply seeking an interesting afternoon of admiring some nice artistry, Galerie Found in Africa is worth a visit. This shop, in Tokoin Trésor, is run by the friendly and animated Cameroonian Souleyman who has made his home in Togo for many years.

The shop sells unique furniture (cabinetry, trunks, tables, chairs, desks, dressers) and objets d’art (masks, wood carvings, other decorations) from across the region (including Ghana, Burkina, Cameroon as well as Togo). Each piece has its own story, and it’s worth visiting the shop when you have time to listen and chat with Souleyman. If you express interest, he may show you the workshop behind the showroom where artisans re-finish old colonial furniture salvaged from villages across Ghana and Togo.

Prices vary widely depending on the size, quality and artistry of different pieces. New items come in continuously as new furniture gets re-finished and shipments arrive from elsewhere.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday.

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