Hotel le Berceau


Hotel le Berceau is an unexpected presence, looming on the roadside in the town of Notsé, about 100 kilometers outside of Lome on the N1. While the surrounding area doesn’t have any top billing tourist draws, le Berceau itself is such an unusual hotel to find outside of Lome, it can be worth stopping over on the way to or from Lome.

Unusual how? Relatively large rooms, with working AC and comfortable beds (though double check the cleanliness of linens). The restaurant offers large, reasonably-priced services of hearty Togolese cuisine – including sizable fish – as well as some European standards.

During my stay, the one draw-back I observed was the use of large amounts of spray insecticide used all over the open kitchen area. While it’s nice to know that the hotel values cleanliness, plates and flatware should not be sprayed with or exposed to strong insecticides that are dangerous to humans.

This hotel was refurbished recently. Rooms range from 16000 to 35000 CFA per night. Conference rooms are available for rent, and there is a nice swimming pool. Staff was generally friendly and helpful as well.

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